A Mighty Wind

The cast of A Mighty Wind (minus Fred Willard and Ed Begley, Jr.) is doing a small west coast tour, and they're playing the Warfield on November 13th. It sounds like each band does a set, and Bob Balaban's character is still serving as MC of the event. I was debating coming up to the bay area around then anyway, so I'm now considering going. Looks like tickets are 35 bucks and go on sale tomorrow. Would any other bay area folks be interested in going? I'm not 100% sure I'm even in at this point, but I figured I'd ask now. It sorta depends on the amount of contract work I can get in the next few days. It's a bit more than I'd want to pay, but I figure this chance won't happen again, and since this does take place post-movie, it's almost worth the price to see [spoiler] (select to see)Harry Shearer in the dress[/spoiler].

Posted by bryce on 9/27/03 at 1:46PM


concert suprise

I am surprised you are comming up for this and not the Bare Naked Ladies concert on alcatraz

Posted by sean on 9/28/03 at 6:57AM

Barenaked Ladies

From what I've heard those tickets are only being given out in contests and stuff. Otherwise I'd be there too. ;-)

Posted by bryce on 9/28/03 at 8:21AM

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