The "recent referrers" section might be more useful if it didn't duplicate referrers, i.e. would be cool if it wasn't all LiveJournal. ^_^

Posted by martin on 9/26/03 at 6:58PM


Yeah, true

I'll add that to "the list". In an effort to shorten the menu, I got rid of the sections for links to our home pages and our links pages and combined them. It needs some formatting, but other than that, any thoughts? I'm gonna clean up the HTML over the weekend (which may help Matt's style sheet, or may break it more) too. Other features: I'm gonna set up a little form for an "about" section that'll be linked off our names on the menu, and I'm also going to turn on editing on quotes that are made while logged in. Any others?

Posted by bryce on 9/26/03 at 7:41PM


No Mebbe just a little "2" or somethin? Pleeeease?

Posted by martin on 9/26/03 at 11:05PM

Good idea

I was gonna give everyone an option of a second link with a custom name, but it looked bad wrapping to other line. I'll add it now

Posted by bryce on 9/27/03 at 7:44AM



Posted by martin on 9/27/03 at 9:10AM

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