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on that dude that got nailed by cal poly for putting up that poster..

Posted by matt on 9/26/03 at 7:47AM



There's got to be something we're missing here. There's no way the administration could be stupid enough to respond to the situation as I've seen it described (as it is in the article above) in the manner they did. They would have been burned at the stake years ago. There's something about this we're not seeing.

Posted by martin on 9/26/03 at 12:32PM


something I hadn't realized earlier is that the group that was having their "meeting" was a group of black kids. So.. maybe they did get offended by the poster due to their own ignorance..

Posted by matt on 9/26/03 at 2:02PM


Look at how they handled Paul's case. The administration wasn't exactly worried about his rights.

The one fact that seems fishy to me is that this guy is the president of the Cal Poly College Republicans, and that club is notorious for often looking for trouble (not that the Progressive Students Alliance was better). Doing a little research, I found a letter to the Mustang Daily dated 9/26/02, and it made reference to the fact that the CPCR repeatedly posted fliers for this speaker in the Gay/Lesbian center in the UU. Though the letter is by Mike Sullivan (who you may remember as the student from the religion/homosexuality panel that Dr. Ball spoke on, so he's not the most neutral person on Earth either), he has a point. Mason Weaver wrote a paper in which he stated "As I have written before, 'they [the promoters of these new rights] are after your children.' Homosexual rights today, pedophile rights tomorrow." I don't know the policy for posting fliers in the GLBU center, but I do not think this was a coincidence. Also, according to Sullivan, the CRCR did not put their name on the fliers, which is a violation of ASI policy.

I'm very much against censorship, but I do think there is another side to this story that isn't getting out. The fact that Sean Hannity agrees with Hinkle is a big strike against in my book, considering I find Hannity to be a complete idiot of the Rush Limbaugh variety.

Wow, this turned out a lot longer than I intended.

Posted by bryce on 9/26/03 at 2:35PM

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