Anyone see the 'American' Coupling last night?

Was flipping channels, saw the show 'coupling' and wondered why I wasn't watching BBC... then I recalled Martin talking about the American remake. It just didn't seem as funny as the English one. Especially the actor who they got to play 'Jeff' (blast my common name), wasn't particularly funny or quirky like the English version is.

Anyway, it was the very first episode as far as I can tell, just totally re-acted by an american cast (or mostly american). Why they don't just run the original thing is beyond me.

Posted by jeff on 9/26/03 at 7:08AM



I'll have to look for a copy online; no cable hookup in my room. Morbid curiosity; I want to know just how bad it was. ^_^

Posted by martin on 9/26/03 at 7:13AM


I didn't know it was airing last night, or else I would have watched. Matt, Bryce, and a few friends of mine are going to see it taped in L.A. on the 10th of October.

Posted by kim on 9/26/03 at 9:23AM

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