Roll a D20

Yeah, I didn't get to be a level 20 bard by being stupid. You think I'm going to go raid that chest? With all those OBVIOUS undead on the walls and the discolored floor plates? Yeah, that's really gonna happen.

Incidentally, this is from a seriously messed up page describing (with pics) an actual Catacomb where people were strapped to the walls in lifelike poses. Fascinating and creepy in the extreme.

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Gosh what a moron, thinking his life revolved around the number 22...

...doesn't he know it's really 450!?

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The FCC Song

The FCC Song by Eric Idle. It's hilarious. Not something to listen to at work (unless your workplace is okay with songs starting with the line "F*ck you very much") though.

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New Fan Version of Maniac Mansion

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You code-monkeys - a question:

I'm looking to brush up on my C++ skills, possibly with a simple game or somesuch. It's been a while since I've spent days searching for dropped semicolons, so I'm a bit out of the loop: what's a good compliler/IDE these days? No Microsoft, including C# and .NET, please. Needs to be for a Win32 environment, as I intend to do some DirectX 9 stuff. Oh, and no, I don't want to do this in Java. No game company worth their salt uses it; too damn slow.

IIRC, Codewarriors had a good product; anyone use them lately? Borland used to do some good stuff, too.

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Aundy Kaufman Returns... supposedly.

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I'm currently downloading The Matrix Revolutions for my cell phone. It's a good time to be alive. ^_^

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Here kitty kitty...

I love the 'net. Just when you think you've seen everything, something like this comes along.

The Infinite Cat Project

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morecooler is like a sorority to me

I was telling Chris how I have a teensy regret about not making into a sorority. He reminded me how much better we at morecooler are than any greek society. I came back with how we lack a unifying symbol that we can wear. So here is my proposal: Since I don't see much success getting any of you guys to wear a ring, can we all get matching jackets to represent our brotherh.. no.. oh here it is.. our morecooler coolness. yeah.
Pass on all requests to Matt (ok, I really don't think you're going to get deluged with calls) for morecooler "cool" jackets so Juanita can feel like she belongs in a sorority, fraternity, or whatever.

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New Apartment, New Phone, same old Martin!

I finally got around to putting my address in the thingy (for all y'all that want to send me buckets of money and candy). I also put up my new phone number (cell only, no land line here) since I finally found a way to get the phone I wanted at the price I wanted. Go T-Mobile!

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Chris, monitor question:

Did you get that 21" flat panel from Best Buy you mentioned? I'm thinking of splurging on one (my 19" CRT is like 7 years old now, and acting kind of funky) and wanted to know what model you got and what your opinion on it.

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I found this really interesting riddle place. Some of them are interesting, some of them are, well, bad.

Case in point, I was going to put one of the riddles here, but I couldn't find one. Maybe you can?

And yes, there is a riddle 450.

Maybe I will add one of my favorite riddles...

"In cubic feet, how much dirt is in a hole 3 feet long, 3 feet deep, and 3 feet wide?"

And Martin, the English major, better get this one right: "Which is correct to say, 'The yolk of the egg are white' or,'The yolk of the egg is white'?"

(answers in comments)

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Cheat Commandos

Wow, you can almost see the guys who do Homestarrunner sitting around with hundreds of the little figurines, playing with them. Imagine the battles one could have...

They would be fun to have as neighbors.

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I am being completely flooded with spam, ever since I signed up for my health insurance. It seems that the assassin has been killed, as he/she/it rarely does anything anymore. Any ideas guys(Brian)? While some of these are sort of funny, I am not Steve, as the drug companies think I am.....

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Did you know that if you use a digital monitor with the DVI output from a video card, you get a major performance increase? It seems to be about 20% faster all around, not to mention crisper. I guess it took quite a few gpu cycles to convert the digital signal into an analog one.

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Well, I guess none of us knew which one was which really. I thought that my hard drives would be striped, but then I saw that they were RAID 0. But then I look at the software config for my RAID support, and it says striped 16k. So then I look it up.

Turns out RAID 0 means no redundancy. So appended or striped in any combination would be RAID 0.

RAID 1 is mirroring, RAID 2 isn't used.

RAID 3 is the one with 4 drives, 3 striped and one parity.

RAID 4 is RAID 3, only with blocks instead of bytes.

RAID 5 is like RAID 4, only there is no dedicated parity drive, it is distributed.

RAID 6 is RIAD 5, only double parity.

RAID 7 is confusing.

Then you can nest these into more complex systems. But anyway, back to my point... was there a point? Anyway. Martin, they didn't mess up your brothers drive, RAID 0 just has no protection, but all the speed benefits.

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Wow, google really can do everything. I haven't looked at this too much yet, but seems like a nice place to start.

Makes you wonder how the Google AdWords factor into this one, doesn't it?

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Banana Guard

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The Adventures of Angry Bob

I don't know how many of you get "Pearls Before Swine" in your daily paper, but sometimes, they are really funny. See the one I scaned in the thingy. It is mostly text, so that part is in the first comment.

Few comics have made me laugh out loud so much.

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Something about the Simpsons you didn't know? Something you want find out? Then go here. A fun place to pass some time at the least.

Oh, and thanks, Bryce :)

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Guild Wars

This is a MMORPG that will, supposedly, be free. No initial purchase, no monthly fee. It is made by the people who left blizzard after making Diablo 1 & 2. Did I mention it will be free? Anyway, they are having a first demo at E3, and they are allowing anyone who downloads the 62k client to join in. Will it work? I don't know, but it's free.

I don't even see how they could have so many people on a once, without the "official beta test" most of these online games get. It is only an alpha, so that might give them an excuse. Or maybe it will be all small, instanced locations with few people in each. Hmmm....

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Jade is the java successor to Adom. Thomas Biskup, the writer, never wanted to release any of the source code for Adom. But, since he is writing Jade in Java, he has posted the java docs. Its a fun read.

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Senior Project

Well, looks like someone beat us to it. Too bad, we were so close....

Looks like Honda is actualy using it.

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Ok, this is weird

I know how almost any search will eventualy turn up porn, but the other way around? Look at our most recent referals? Whats going on here? Do one of you have something stored here the rest of us should know about?

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