BitTorrent Tips

Just a quick note for those of you who, like me, love Suprnova. Make sure you're using Shad0w's 3rd-party Client so you can properly diagnose connection problems (a yellow light means port forwarding needs to be configured).

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Neat Web Design Trick

DSLReports Google results
Found this while troubleshooting my POS motorola cable modem, which apparently likes to crash under extremely high traffic (i.e. bitTorrent). Click one of the links for on google and the site detects you've come from google, extracts your search terms from the referrer URL, and suggests you use THEIR local forum search to find what you're looking for. Very useful.

Of course, this works better when isn't in your search string.

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First Post of the New Year

Well, someone has to do it. =)

Hope everyone has a safe and happy year!

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