Anybody else getting like 100+ emails (or bounces) a day with viruses attached? This latest batch of worms is driving me nuts (yarrr).

Posted by martin on 1/31/04 at 8:00PM • linkcomment (1)

Weird error

I'm doing some contract work for a cellphone store, and after two days, I finally figured out why the dump of the query string keeps showing the character ∏... one of the variables being passed it 'prod' and it's always listed at &prod in the string... so when I print it out, the browser is nice enough to convert it to ∏ for me. Seeing "mode=update&cart=0∏=145" was VERY confusing. Just thought I'd share.

Posted by bryce on 1/31/04 at 4:32PM • linkcomment (2)

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