Today is Super Monday (aka Super Tuesday Eve)

So with the Democratic primary coming up, how is everyone voting? If you're not voting, what do you think of the candidates? (I meant to post this back when there were more people still in the race.)

I was pretty impressed with Wesley Clark, and I was sad to see him drop out. As a person, he reminded me of John McCain in a lot of ways. Most importantly, when he said something, I could believe he meant it (at least more than with other politicians). Also, I agreed with his thoughts on most of the issues. Of the remaining four, I find myself agreeing with Kucinich on almost every issue. For some reason, he was never considered a serious candidate, so I don't know if there's a point in voting for him. I'm satisfied with a ticket of Kerry-Edwards (which is what seems to be how things are heading). The only major (to me) issue where I disagree with them is gay marriage (they oppose it), though both see it as an issue of state's rights and oppose the ridiculous idea of amending the constitution.

So there's my thoughts. Your turn!

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Political Correctness

I was just watching one of VH1's "best of the 80s" special thingies (it's late, nothing good was on) and heard the most absurd thing: the word "retarded," used to describe the mentally challenged character on LA Law, was BLEEPED OUT! That's a new extreme in my experience.

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I'll be in Vegas from tomorrow 'till midday Saturday. Those who've been: any suggestions for shows/sights/etc. while I'm there?

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Testing the Camera

Just stuck a couple of mindly amusing vids (P*.mov) in the file thingy. Just me testing out my camera in Matt's car with 2 different quality settings.

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Repetitive Radio Stations...

So I started listening to the radio again. Lots of different stations, very similar music. Seems my choices are Modern, Spanish, Classical, really old music, and gansta-rap. Since I listen to 'modern' music, I tend to switch between those stations. Trouble is, I think I've heard the same dozen songs 20+ times or so in a week (only driving an hour a day).

Seems rather silly, does someone own all of them or something? Or is this bandwagon metality? Or perhaps record companies just throw money around.... (or all of the above)

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Poetic Spam

This is amazing - the following (I'll post it in a reply) text block was included in a spam in an obvious effort to avoid filters. The interesting part, though, is the amazing number of fantastic poetic phrases within.

"cryptogram enfant"
"crankcase polymerase"
"sacrifice conciliatory"
"silver congratulate extravaganza"

I don't know how this thing was generated, but it's one of the best freeform avant-garde poems I've ever read.

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Echo Echo echo echo ..

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Pretend you're a good person.

The story's here, if you haven't heard. Please donate and show your support!

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Look, I'm expanding my vocabulary!

This one's just fucked up..
I've heard the FBI's track record on returning stuff in ok condition (and any time soon) is less than stellar..

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I feel like a turncoat

I like artsy movies, I like cerebral plots, I like Bill Murray, and I like Japanese culture. But I found the critical lauded _Lost in Translation_, which I just rented, boring and devoid of plot with subpar humor spaced too far apart to save it. What's wrong with me?

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In other news..

Microsoft takes up Settlers of Catan..
And some dipshit in congress wants breathalizers in EVERY car to be used before starting and randomly while driving.

(Canada's looking better every day now..)

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A Note for Chris

(Preference: This has to do with a video game)Shortly after you left the game last night, I decided to leave the planet. Of all the luck, I was attacked while waiting for my ship. Fortunately, my assailant did very little damage and the people that were with me delayed him quite a bit. For a moment I thought I might just fight it out, but thought better of it and sped off (winning wouldn't have accomplished anything).

So, you missed another attempt on my virtual life =).

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Best Demo Ever

The people at Homestarrunner sure know what makes a good demo. Go to their store and click on the Cheat doll demo. Now tell me, isn't that what you would want to know before you purchased a product?

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A Mighty Wind's awards and nominations

Maybe those of you who don't live under a rock know this already, but I just found out that Christoher Guest, Eugene Levy and Michael McKean won a Grammy for Best Song Written For A Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media for the song "A Mighty Wind". Also, "Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow" is up for an Oscar. Not bad for a mockumentary.

Other Grammys worth noting: Two for Warren Zevon (who says dying isn't a good career move); Al Franken for Best Spoken Word Album for his audio book; Weird Al for Best Comedy album. Does Weird Al just win by default for every album, or is this a big thing for him?

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It is 10:10 AM, do you know where you car keys are?

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``A well-written program is its own heaven; a poorly-written program is its own hell.''

I found this while searchinig for some Unix stuff on the web:

The Tao Of Programming

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I'm sitting in a McDonald's parking lot near my house, paying $3.95 per 2 hour block to connect wirelessly to the Internet. Weird.

They neglect to mention this charge, incidentally, on the site advertising that some of their restaurants are now wired. Also odd is the complete lack of advertisement for the service within the store.

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Weird Watches

Of the three sites that an MSN search returns for "weird watches" and sale, we are two of them! Watching that referrals thing is fun.

Oh, and Martin ranks 4th on a Taiwanese google search for supercosplay. hehe

And how did we get this one?

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We have a fan.


They like us. They really like us. ;-) So which one of you submitted this link?

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Only Martin will care about this post.....

I got the TotRR. Thank you.

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My GBA cartridge

My gameboy cartridge broke. The gameboy itself fell to the floor, and I noticed a “rattling” sound coming from the card. I opened it up and found a really, really small…. thing. Now, not being Sean, I had no idea what the heck this thing was. But I was able to put those long nights Sean spent on his senior project to good use, thanks Sean. When I was bored from playing games or, god forbid, doing work, I would watch what Sean was doing, because it was interesting, at least to someone who didn’t have to do it. Now however, I have a broken game cartridge, and these two disparate worlds come crashing together.

So I come to the conclusion that a new one of these things will cost over $100, whereas a soldering iron and some solder will only cost about $10. What the heck, I will try it. I notice a little “c” next to the broken part of the circuit board, so I guess (again, thanks Sean) that it is a capacitor, considering all the little things that look sorta like the broken one have either a “c” or an “r” next to them. I picked up just enough to remember that capacitors have a + and a – side, so I try see what direction this thing should go, but I can’t tell, so again, I guess.

My first attempt at soldering this thing in there works great, but then putting the top of the case back on I notice that it won’t fit as well as before because of my not-so-neat job. The problem here is that I noticed because there was a lot of resistance to my pushing, and then I heard a “crunch.” That was the capacitor, breaking in half. “Whatever,” I say, “it probably wasn’t _really_ needed anyway.” So I just solder the two pieces as best I can (which isn’t all that “best”) and file down the edge of the case using all my previous “mad GBA modding skillz.” Next I slap it in the reader, and it works!

I was ecstatic. I actually fixed something… with solder. I have no idea how that capacitor works, but it just looks like a little piece of clay, so I guess the actually capacitor stuff is inside, or something. If anyone knows, speak up. Just thought you guys would like to hear this.

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I just got spam sent to whatacoolguy AT That's a step in the right direction. (I actually used this address as a mailto: on my front page back in August). I'm amused, so I thought I'd share.

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Hey Matt...

You, and your evil pop-up making skills, could help. Think that there could be a way for new Shout-Box messages to be made as pop-ups or some such *wiggles fingers* eeeeeevil thing to those of us logged on?

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Useful Utility

Last night I spent 3+ hours trying to get an OGG movie (.OGM) to play correctly so I could watch End of Eva. I learned two things:
* I HATE OGM. It's little more than a container format, and yet it screws up regularly. Some of the (many!) tools required to view these files have been abandoned by their creators before reachine a stable version, and it shows.
* Anyone who watches video on their computer on a regular basis could benefit from downloading the GSpot Codec Information Tool. This compact little utility will load a movie, check what codecs the movie requires, and show you which codecs on your system claim to be able to support the video, audio, and "other" (subtitle, usually) tracks. You can even ask it to try rendering the video, at which point it will go step-by-step and show you what works and what doesn't (rather than just waiting for the movie to crash your video player). Sweet.

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Thanks Martin..... (use "green" instead of "box")


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What are you up to now Martin?

Just curious as to what you were doing? Where are you, what's up?

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Pigs on Head

I got 138, what about you?

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My brother and I just repaired our PS2, using the instructions from TechTV's site. Went from "Disc Read Error" on all media to working perfectly. Bow before our maaaad mad skillz!

(Really, I'm just happy that I managed to work on a plugged-in PS2 without getting my retinas burned off by the laser...)

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New version born to proud parents.

A couple in Michigan have named their newborn son Jon Blake Cusack 2.0 (instead of Jr. or II). By naming him 2.0, that means they see him as an upgrade to the dad. Hopefully this includes fixing a bug that made the previous version name his kids stupid things.

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