First Post of the New Year

Well, someone has to do it. =)

Hope everyone has a safe and happy year!

Posted by jeff on 1/2/04 at 8:48AM



I love the traditional New Years fireworks.

"Yay! The number went up and we didn't die! Huzzah! Let's - um - er - set somethin' explosive on fire and run away!"

Our family isn't really the New Years partying type. The following discussion occured at 12:00:05 1/1/04:

Mom: "Well, we should be getting pretty close now. Let's turn on the TV and see if there's any New Years stuff on, like the ball dropping."
Matt: "Uh... Probably not going to happen."
Mom: "Why? How much time is left?"
Matt: "Negative five seconds. Happy New Year."

Posted by martin on 1/2/04 at 9:42AM

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