I passed the CSET!

So how am I going to celebrate? Get a long overdue haircut. Feel free to throw in suggestions. I currently have an impossible mane more than halfway down my back. Would love to get highlights but don't want to spend $200 right now. Can you believe googling "hot haircuts" returns porn? Uhhh. I would like non-porn suggestions from friends.

Posted by jua on 12/9/03 at 10:42AM


I know!

Por- er, never mind.

Honestly, you may be asking the wrong group. I was 12 before I found out people could get "different" haircuts. I just thought the hair grew that way, and that was what you were stuck with, just like hair color (I was so naive) or skin color. That said, I've only personally changed my haircut once for about a week, then changed it back 'cause it was too hard to keep up with.

I think most guys have two styles of hair:
- short (right after they've been to the barber)
- long (right before they go to the barber)

Congrats on the CSET pass, though. From the sound of it, I'm not sure I could have passed that thing - goes to show the true value of a college educate. ^_^

Posted by martin on 12/9/03 at 12:58PM


Good job on passing the CSET I knew you would do fine. I will talk with Andrea about the haircut but she was running into the same problem of them being too much. This is why she still travels to Brea to get her hair cut...She knows someone there and even including gas its cheaper.

Posted by sean on 12/9/03 at 2:11PM


Time for a cookie! :)

Posted by matt on 12/9/03 at 2:39PM

We're men

Ask us about power tools, not haircuts. I recommend the one my cousin just got.

Posted by bryce on 12/9/03 at 7:28PM


...did that hurt?

Posted by martin on 12/9/03 at 8:33PM

Haircuts and Power Tools?

Hm... I get my hair cut for about 10 bucks when I'm at my parent's place. I've never owned any power tools, nor used them much, so I'm clueless there as well...

If it has to do with computers, games, or coding I think we have you covered.

Posted by jeff on 12/10/03 at 7:56AM

Hey now,

I'm fairly competent when it comes to power tools. Just wish I had a garage so I could collect some and use them. :)

Posted by matt on 12/10/03 at 10:11AM

Wow, Jeff...

Your parents charge you 10 bucks to cut your hair? That sucks, man.


Posted by martin on 12/10/03 at 10:25AM


Jeff's parents charge me 15 bucks to cut my hair.

Posted by bryce on 12/10/03 at 10:27AM


My barber is in the same city as my parents...

And I think you are confusing me with Chris =)

Posted by jeff on 12/10/03 at 1:36PM

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