In other news..

Microsoft takes up Settlers of Catan..
And some dipshit in congress wants breathalizers in EVERY car to be used before starting and randomly while driving.

(Canada's looking better every day now..)

Posted by matt on 2/19/04 at 7:37AM


Stupid legislation

I just assumed it was Orrin Hatch's idea. It seems to go along the line of making a computer stop functioning for downloading MP3s. I guess he's not the only competitor is the "Biggest Idiot in Washington" (excluding the President, of course).

Posted by bryce on 2/19/04 at 8:12AM


Matt said "dipshit".

Posted by kim on 2/19/04 at 10:09AM


Kim said "dipshit".

Posted by martin on 2/19/04 at 2:34PM


Martin said "Kim".

Posted by bryce on 2/19/04 at 2:47PM

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