Anyone watch the Fox Fiance show?

I've seen cartoons and movies where a bunch of rich guys sit around and bet on, well, anything. However, looks like it has spilled over into television =).

I find the show amusing, but it just seems to be a "We, Fox, bet 500K that you cannot get maried to this idiot (who's actually an actor) over here. What do you say?" I'm going to watch a couple more episodes, but it does remind me alot of Joe Schmoe...

Posted by jeff on 1/19/04 at 7:40PM


You think that's bad...

I just read in the paper that Les Moonves is developing a reality show for UPN (I guess he runs both that and CBS. Huh.) about the Amish. He wants to put half Amish people and half non-Amish people in a house, Real World style.

This comes a couple years after his plan to do a reality show called The Beverly Hillbillies, where he took a family of hillbillies and puts them in Beverly Hills and watches their heads explode at the "CEE-ment pond". With that, 40 members of Congress told him to cut it out. He was quoted as saying that the Amish have less of a lobbying group.

Posted by bryce on 1/23/04 at 5:03AM

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