FYI, I'm going to move the site to Wordpress this weekend (really!), so there may be some downtime. Deal with it. :-)

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Server stuff

Hey kids. I keep meaning to send an e-mail about this, but it's been a crazy couple of months. For those of you who were on the new server, y'all owe me money. :-) For the first three months, everyone owes me $75. From here on out, I'm open to suggestions on a cleaner way to do the money besides everyone sending me a check every month. One idea was to have y'all take turns paying the full amount (minus my share). So assuming no one else gets in on the server (Kim, are you going to be using it?), each month one of the three of you would send me a check for $75. Thoughts?

Either way, my address is in the address book, so if you could send me money for the first three months, that'd be awesome.

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Declaration of Revocation

John Cleese wrote this right after Bush got elected again. Reposted as the first comment...

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So my power supply up and dies last week, with no warning. Computer just shuts off. It's one of those X-Connect dealies with the modular cables - which, btw, turned out to be a huge mistake; the modular cables are much thicker and more difficult to manage than the standard ones, which would be funny if it wasn't such a pain in the ass. I only bought it because my last one died just outside the warranty period, too, and it was one of the few unopened boxes at Fry's - if I didn't have it on an APC ups, I'd suspect the power in my building had problems.

Anyway, it turns out their RMA policy is "we sell you another one, charge your card, and you return your old one in the same box to get your money back. Oh, and you pay return shipping." Yikes. But the funny part is: I'm replacing a sleek-looking metallic black model, which matches my case and everything. The only option I had for replacement? A blue case with an ORANGE UV light inside. Oh my. Since they SELL you another as their return policy, if they're out of stock of your color, you're just out of luck.

Anyway, avoid Ultraproducts.com and their ultraconnect line of power supplies like the plague.

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Some flash stuff

Here, look what I found:

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The MoreCooler of the future

Hey y'all. I'm thinking it's not worth my time/effort to upgrade this CMS since I'm not actively doing web dev work any more, so I don't have clients who are paying for me to keep it going. I just installed WordPress on http://www.brycekujala.com/ and think I'll do the same over here. Any objections?

As for what's here now, I was thinking about just putting it in some archival form so we can refer back to it, but start the new version fresh without any of the past content.

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"You shuffle the Shuffle"

Bush talks about the content of his iPod. The funniest part is that he doesn't have a Shuffle in the picture, and it sounds like he's reading an alphabetical list off the display, which a Shuffle doesn't have. I do love how he talks, in that "scares me that he runs our country" sort of way.

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test post


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Ho ho ho

Merry Christmas!

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R.I.P. Firefly


And I'm sure it's a complete coincidence that this is timed with the DVD release... ;-)

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Servers and stuff

I'm in the process of cleaning up Hostsltd to get it sold off (too much hassle for too little return.) What this means is that anything not being paid for will need to move off the hosting server one way or another.

Bryce, Chris, and I are planning on splitting a new unmolested server at ev1 to host all our stuff. If anyone wants to join in, that'd be cool.

Any domains will need to be transferred to somewhere else (Godaddy, etc) as that account will be going too.

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Old site, new site?

Hey guys. Since the DB went out and now we're back in the past, I was thinking this might be a good time to kick this site in the ass (and maybe just archive the old stuff somewhere and start fresh). I'd like to shake down the overall backend and clean up some things I did that are pretty hacky in retrospect. I think we had a list of feature requests somewhere back in the archive, but I'm too lazy to look for it. So what would you like to see? My list:

-Search (keyword & author)
-RSS (just 'cause it's fun)
-Better overall posting/comment system
-Fix referrer thing so we can use it again
-Better nav on recent activity
-Photo gallery
-Better file manager

Also, chime in here if you still use the site, just so I know who is still hanging around.

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Happy April.


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Too much free time + digital camera =

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All I get is spam from this e-mail address. Think we can disable these e-mail accounts for a while? What we really need to do is go to a different format.

jeff at morecooler dot com

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The Perry Bible Fellowship

I have just found the oddest webcomic...


Some of them you have to think for a 'sec to get the joke. But when you do, they're pretty funny. And for as Avant Garde as the subject matter is, the art is very nice.

EDIT: The more I read, the more off-color they get. Make sure you read them all before you pass on the link to others...

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"Updated" Warner Brothers Cartoons

Bastards. Be sure to check the link provided at the end of the text to see the trailer for this raping of cultural icons to appeal to 6-year-olds.

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Quite the informative link.


A website devoted to Uwe Boll, maker of such classic video-game-inspired films as Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead (as well as the upcoming Bloodrayne and Far Cry movies). Whether you're a fan of his work or not, it's important to check this out, as I think they have an underlying message in their site with which we can all agree.

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Just wondering who is on right now...

Everyone is too busy for regular posting :-(

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