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I have just found the oddest webcomic...

Some of them you have to think for a 'sec to get the joke. But when you do, they're pretty funny. And for as Avant Garde as the subject matter is, the art is very nice.

EDIT: The more I read, the more off-color they get. Make sure you read them all before you pass on the link to others...

Posted by martin on 3/2/05 at 1:54PM



Those are... strange. My favorite has to be this one

Posted by chris on 3/4/05 at 5:22AM


this one is great:

Posted by matt on 3/4/05 at 8:57AM

I'm going to get in trouble

for reading this at work. eek (j/k)

Posted by jua on 3/4/05 at 1:51PM

My favorite:

This one gets me chuckling every time, probably because you have to read it a couple times to realize what's happening.

Posted by martin on 3/4/05 at 2:33PM

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