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Hey y'all. I'm thinking it's not worth my time/effort to upgrade this CMS since I'm not actively doing web dev work any more, so I don't have clients who are paying for me to keep it going. I just installed WordPress on and think I'll do the same over here. Any objections?

As for what's here now, I was thinking about just putting it in some archival form so we can refer back to it, but start the new version fresh without any of the past content.

Posted by bryce on 1/3/06 at 4:46PM


Just like they taught us in college...

Silence is consent. ;-) I'll start moving us to WordPress this weekend.

Posted by bryce on 1/6/06 at 5:57PM

Can't remember my damn password

Sounds good to me :) But we loose the monkeys..

Posted by matt on 1/6/06 at 9:55PM

Sorry for the late reply

I'm still in North Carolina, but I'm heading back west tomorrow. Anyway, sounds good. Personally, I like morecooler's spartan interface, but the other software looks cool too. And, I'd imagine, it's easier to maintain - no colored monkeys breaking things.

Posted by martin on 1/7/06 at 9:58AM

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