So my power supply up and dies last week, with no warning. Computer just shuts off. It's one of those X-Connect dealies with the modular cables - which, btw, turned out to be a huge mistake; the modular cables are much thicker and more difficult to manage than the standard ones, which would be funny if it wasn't such a pain in the ass. I only bought it because my last one died just outside the warranty period, too, and it was one of the few unopened boxes at Fry's - if I didn't have it on an APC ups, I'd suspect the power in my building had problems.

Anyway, it turns out their RMA policy is "we sell you another one, charge your card, and you return your old one in the same box to get your money back. Oh, and you pay return shipping." Yikes. But the funny part is: I'm replacing a sleek-looking metallic black model, which matches my case and everything. The only option I had for replacement? A blue case with an ORANGE UV light inside. Oh my. Since they SELL you another as their return policy, if they're out of stock of your color, you're just out of luck.

Anyway, avoid Ultraproducts.com and their ultraconnect line of power supplies like the plague.

Posted by martin on 2/21/06 at 2:11PM


Power Supply Problems

I had power supply problems too. I just rebuilt my computer and of course the power supply was DOA. Thankfully there RMA process wasn't as much of a pain...other than that it took 1 month (thanks to Fry's for there 30 day loaner program) and I had to pay for return shipping.

Posted by sean on 2/22/06 at 9:45PM


Is this their Loaner Program(tm), or their "loaner" program?

Posted by chris on 2/22/06 at 9:49PM

loaner program

This would be there "loaner" program. Gotta love the 30 day return policy on open items, no questions asked.

Posted by sean on 2/23/06 at 8:01PM

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