A message from Bryce and Martin.

Nanny nanny boo boo! We have San Andreas and are playing it as Kim types! Hahahaha!

Totally worth the ten bucks. ;D

Posted by kim on 10/25/04 at 7:28PM



Wish I brought my PS2 to work....

Posted by chris on 10/26/04 at 6:26AM

10 bucks?


Posted by jeff on 10/26/04 at 7:28AM


Ambulance level 11 - another FIVE GODDAMN SECONDS and I would have made it. Be careful in the upper right-hand corner of the first area (not counting the outlying areas) - the map is somewhat misleading about whether the blip is on the overpass or under it.

Oh, well. The $20k the abulance missions generated will fund quite a few gang turf wars. And it puts me on my way to affording the $120k mansion I found out in the countryside...

Incidentally, this is the best game ever, hands down.

Posted by martin on 10/27/04 at 1:02AM

Nick of time

Sean and I were doing one of the "driving" missions (wouldn't want to give anything away) that ends with you having to go to a pay and spray. Actualy got to it on fire, and the door shut just as it was exploding, but it still counted. Yay!

Posted by chris on 10/27/04 at 6:15AM

10 bucks?


Posted by jeff on 10/27/04 at 9:21AM

I have no idea.


Posted by martin on 10/27/04 at 9:38AM


First try, finished the Ambulance missions. Man, I hate those.

Posted by chris on 10/28/04 at 10:07AM


Yeah, those things suck. Nice reward, though; makes turf wars easier. And the lack of a beach (in the area where I did it) makes tipping the bloody thing much less likely.

The cabbie reward is also quite nice. ^_^

Posted by martin on 10/28/04 at 1:08PM


I would say being a "Level 10 Pimp" has its own benifits.

Posted by chris on 10/29/04 at 4:59AM

Best thing evah...

The sign said "no basejumping". I ignored it...

Posted by martin on 10/30/04 at 11:06AM

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