I fly back from Dallas on Wednesday. In the elevator room at my apartment is a little notice from the apartment about the rash of car break-ins lately. Ok, fine. A little later we start to head out to dinner, and lo and behold, my passenger side window is bashed into a million pieces and my stereo is gone. Shit. The "individual" even yanked the piece of dash that the stereo is attached to.. ugh.. What I would give to bash this guy's head in.

Anyway, window's been replaced as of this morning.. luckily those guys vacuum glass too.. still looking for a dash piece, also looking at some loud-ass alarms. I want this guy's eardrums to shatter if he tries this again. Grr... some people..

Posted by matt on 4/8/04 at 12:51PM


Perspective change

Matt's attitude toward the posted notice changed from "That's nice" to "Fuck you, sign!" in a matter of an hour or two.

Posted by bryce on 4/8/04 at 2:07PM


Looks like everyone else is going to need a trunk monkey.

Posted by chris on 4/9/04 at 5:03AM


Sorry, man, that sucks big time. Was it the truck or the car?

Posted by martin on 4/9/04 at 1:35PM

The truck

I would have been even more pissed if it was the car.. you can't even use that stereo if you yank it. I put the same type of stereo into the truck, so maybe that will help.. also turned the alarm back on with all its bugs..

Posted by matt on 4/9/04 at 2:41PM

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