Oh the gullibility of people...

Posted by matt on 3/16/04 at 5:50AM



One of the banners on the kid's page goes to a site where I can get Klein bottles! I've been looking for these!

Posted by martin on 3/16/04 at 6:53AM

Penn & Teller...

... were the first thing I thought about when I say 'dihydrogen monoxide'. Recall the petition where he got the environmentalists to try to ban it... lol

Posted by jeff on 3/16/04 at 7:43AM

Yep, me too.

My favorite petition ever was when The Man Show was getting women to help end women's suffrage. This is the very reason I don't sign petitions. ;-)

Posted by bryce on 3/16/04 at 8:15AM


Yeah, I saw the suffrage thing. That was HILARIOUS.

Posted by martin on 3/16/04 at 11:23AM

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