World of Warcraft ^H^H^H^H^H-crash

Long server downtimes, server crashes/instability, and even login queues (suck). Many are now calling this World of Warcrash, as the servers tend to crash regular, at least once a day for certain ones.

Thing is, about 20 of the most populous servers are affected. Many have fine experiences logging in on servers brought up shortly after the game's release.

Unfortunately, Chris and I are on one of those 20 servers. Here's to hoping Bliz starts balancing out the population across the servers or doing something that looks like a solution.

Posted by jeff on 1/18/05 at 11:26AM


Lucky me

Elune seems to have dodged the worst of it. It still crashes once or twice a day, but the downtime is minimal - 2-3 minutes on average. Sorry to hear y'all are having problems :( .

Now, meanwhile, I've got to find me some Arcane Crystals. I'm the only one on the server with the +9 damage enchant, but if I can't make my arcanite rod, it doesn't do me much good...

Posted by martin on 1/18/05 at 2:13PM

Good Luck...

I think those crystals are the same needed to transmute Arcanium, and transmutation is the only way to get it, lol. I'm a herbalist/alchemist, so I know these things =).

As an aside, I put a nice flight map in the file thingy.

Posted by jeff on 1/18/05 at 2:40PM


Awesome map, but I think it's a little outdated. According to it, there are no alliance flight paths into the Burning Steppes, which I know to not be the case because I do Blackrock instances nearly every goddamn day...

Posted by martin on 1/19/05 at 8:46AM


You guys should all come play on Elune. Katie, Martin, and I... we rock. :)

Posted by kim on 1/19/05 at 6:55PM


Don't forget the powerful pally garrett!

Posted by martin on 1/20/05 at 4:56PM

"Scheduled Downtime"

2 minutes before servers were taken down, there was a post saying there would be 'scheduled maintainence'. That's right, 2 freakin minutes. Was told it would take 2 hours, instead it took 4 and a half. It could have waited until regular maintainence, but no, they wanted to do it during primetime, 6pm PST. Joy.

Posted by jeff on 1/21/05 at 8:07AM

Down she goes again!

Login server went down as well, joy!

Posted by jeff on 1/23/05 at 3:01PM

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