Check out this spam I just received.. sticks out a bit from the other 99% of spam..

Edit: see my comment.. a bit too long for frontpage.

Posted by matt on 11/8/04 at 5:06PM


Here it is:

Subject: Welcome to

Hello our potential customer

We would like to introduce our new-born sites

where you can shop around most wanted and needed items in your life.
Our weapon section has wide range of hard-to-find machine guns, silencers, armour-piercing ammos and others.

First of all, let's check our 3 top-selling items:
1. Russian surface-to-air missle SA-14 "Gremlin" (upgraded analog of SS-16 "Strela") from our supplies in Kazakhstan. Due to high demand, it takes about 4 weeks to backorder that item.
Weight is 10,2 kg., lenght - 1427 mm. You can make a huge party and you can have tons of fun launching your "Gremlin" with your buddies.
2. Israeli bestselling submashine-gun "Tavor" 5.56" (upgraded analog of 7.65" "Uzi"), comes with 2 full clips of standart ammo + bonus one clip of armour-piercing ammo.
3. Russian booby trap made in 5 versions:
- a bottle of Jim Beam (200 grammes of C4 inside),
- a can of Budlight beer (150 grammes of C4 inside),
- a Barbie-doll (100 grammes of C4 inside),
- a cell phone (50 grammes of C4 inside),
- a lighter Zippo (25 grammes of C4 insid
You can take one with you to the school or college and have alot of fun with your buddies. Buy more than 10 pieces of booby traps, and we upgrade C4 to C4+ for free.
(C4+ can not be detected in airports or any other areas).

Also we have our Dutch-based shop where you can buy some drugs to make your life more wonderful and funny. We have wide selection of Ganzha, Crack, both synthetic and natural Heroin.
And our prices are affordables for everyone.

If you want to buy anything from us, just visit our site, contact administrator and get full price-list. We accept all major credit cards, wire transfers and money orders.
Please ask for details if you want to use Western Union or Moneygram money transfers.

P.S. Due to our government laws all items from our shop can be sold only to 18+ aged people. We can ask you for age verification before shipping.

You can also make an order by the phone:
973-442-3401 fax: 973-989-5535
973-590-5000 Fax: 973-590-5080

Posted by matt on 11/8/04 at 5:07PM


I wonder who answers those phones? And what type of "fun" are they talking about with explosive barbie dolls? I don't think I would want buddies like that.

Posted by chris on 11/9/04 at 5:12AM


Don't tell me you didn't try to topple rival dictatorships in a blood coup when you were a kid. We all go through that phase.

Posted by martin on 11/9/04 at 11:11AM

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