Either WinAmp 3 bites or I just can't find stuff....

I finally decided to put WinAmp on my desktop machine. So I download version 3 and I can't find a darn thing. In particular, I was looking for the plugin support (still can't find it). My favorite plugin is a keyboard shortcut plugin so I can change/play/pause songs while in another application (usually a full screened one). Anyone else have this difficulty? Does this verion of WinAmp take a step back or is it just me?

Posted by jeff on 11/9/03 at 1:03PM


Isn't this...

...the version the programmers officially accepted as sucking ass? Go back to an older version; see if that fixes it.

Lessee... Yeah, I'm remembering right.

Posted by martin on 11/9/03 at 2:45PM

Winamp 3 sucks!

Run away! Go back to 2.8, because it works. There's a reason you can still get it on their site. =)

Posted by bryce on 11/9/03 at 3:06PM

Winamp 3...

...IS the llama's ass.


Posted by martin on 11/9/03 at 3:12PM


it's the crap that comes out of the llama.

There should be more words that start with "ll".

Posted by bryce on 11/10/03 at 8:39AM

Good to hear it is not just me...

I had been using 2.x for a long time, glad to hear that it does indeed suck and is not just me...

Posted by jeff on 11/10/03 at 10:30AM

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